Methodist Church South East District

General Information about Safeguarding 

Safeguarding is about preventing the abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

As Christians we are charged to love and care for each other. This is particularly true where the most vulnerable members of our community are involved.

The Methodist Church takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously. The Church has significant contact with children, young people and their families through its Sunday and weekday activities. All Churches within the Methodist Connexion are aware and informed about the issues related to Child Protection and are able to respond to situations that arise with appropriate action and/or advice.

These responsibilities extend also to organisations which may hire Methodist Church premises. 

The Methodist Church has issued guidance relating to staying safe online - both as individuals and as a church volunteer.  See the below documents which can also be viewed via httips://  

Being Transparent and Safe Online

Stay Safe Oneline for Adults

Coronovaris - Visiting Guidance

Promoting Effective Safeguarding Practice as Churches Come out of Lockdown

Children and Youth Social Media Guidance 

Connexional Digital Communication Guidance

A Guide to 'all things digital' from the Yorkshire North & East District


District Safeguarding Group 

District Safeguarding Officer:  Mrs Philippa Read
District Chair: Rev Dr David Hinchliffe
District Safeguarding Co-Ordinator: Mrs Philippa Read  
Independent Chair: vacancy
Lay/Ordained Members: 
Rev Kevin Taylor (retired police officer)
Rev Andrew Reed
LN Representative : Rev Adrian Roux

District Safeguarding Policy 

Download our Safeguarding Policy here.


Creating Safer Space Training 

If you require the training offered on any of these training courses please contact your Circuit Safeguarding Officer for dates and venues.

Where possible staff should not use their personal email address, home address or telephone line (fixed or mobile) to communicate with children, young people or clients. 

In all situations a sudden or urgent communication must still be approved by the appropriate senior manager. 

In all cases ensure that your relationships with young people are known, approved and recorded by your line manager or the senior leadership team. In the case of young children, parents should be informed that you are communicating with them. 

Taken from 'Safer Practice with Technology' KSCB 2010


Using ICT appropriately to communicate 
 with young people 

Using ICT to communicate with young people


Methodist Church Website – Safeguarding 

Safeguarding Documents
Safeguarding Form D Keyholder Declaration
Form E - The safeguarding clause in the standard licence and template booking form replaces the need to complete Form E
Practice Guidance on Carrying out Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Checks as part of Safer Recruitment
Recruitment: DBS/PVG, Forms etc
Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance for the Methodist Church in Britain


South-East District Safeguarding 

Click here to download:

Issue No. 5 March 2020; The Essential Trustee; Wellbeing Resources 

Issue No. 4 August 2019

Issue No. 3 April 2019

Issue No. 2 - March 2018

Issue No. 1 - October 2017


South-East District Safeguarding 

What is the revised timescale for completion of safeguarding training?

The timescale for completion of training is as follows:

It is expected that districts will actively monitor the situation and, as such, no set date has been made for training extensions as local circumstances may render this impractical. This decision will be reviewed every 6 months by the Safeguarding Committee.

It is recognised that the practical arrangements for resuming traditional face to face training are complex and there will be notable variation across regions as local government guidance across the UK is likely to vary. In addition to this, districts will have internal variations due to local demographics, capacity to engage in online training and numbers of those ‘shielding’. It is therefore unwise to mandate a date for all districts to work towards restarting face to face training as this may put undue pressure on those who are not yet able to respond as directed.

Frequently asked questions

Did the Safeguarding Committee agree to the current Foundation Module being delivered online?

No, the safeguarding Committee agreed the development of a modified online Foundation module that can be delivered online.

We have a plan to deliver the foundation, can we do it now?

No – we need to make adjustments to the current material to ensure it is accessible to all, and that the training delivery is consistent. We also need to make sure that all trainers have the support they need to adapt to this new learning forum.

Some of our churches are now open for socially distanced worship, can we start delivering training again?

No. The current format for training uses discussion groups, which we can’t currently facilitate under the restrictions. This should be kept under review, and the DSG should be able to provide a steer on when local circumstance means that you are ready to return to face-to-face training.

How do we ensure appropriate pastoral support during Online Foundation module training?

There is clear recognition of the need to be pastorally sensitive during training and the potential for the material to trigger traumatic memories and experiences. Part of the remit of the working group will be to look at how this need can be met when being delivered online.

What happens with the three-month timescale if we are unable to deliver the training and/or people are unable to commit or fit in with the dates?

The intention behind the training extension and offer of online training is in recognition of the challenges that districts are experiencing. The requirement is for the DSG to work with the District Chair, DSO and regional Learning Network lead, with an informed understanding of the districts training needs. There should therefore be no surprises in relation to demand or need. It is anticipated that where districts believe that they will struggle to meet this deadline, they will alert the Connexional Safeguarding Team and Learning Network accordingly prior to the deadline to look at any adjustments that may need to be made. The hope is that by making additional online training available, this will reduce the impact on demand when social distancing measures are lifted.

Is there a maximum number of people who we are expected to train online?

Once the courses are available, the numbers attending the course will be at the discretion of the district, however there will be guidance in relation to the numbers on each course.

Is there any facility to support people who have impairments e.g. visual, or hearing, who wish to access online training?

The courses will be planned in line with accessibility requirements.

Foundation Module Train the Trainer Dates

Foundation (Online Version)

The Safeguarding Committee have approved the development of a facilitated online version of the Foundation Module. This means that the Foundation Module will take the form of a ‘virtual classroom’. This course will be an optional additional resource for districts who want to offer online training to the circuits.

Delivery Plan:

This briefing is for existing Foundation Module Trainers to refresh them on the new elements of the 2020 refresh.

What will we cover?

Together we will:


Saturday, 28 November 2020 - Online
09:00 – 11:00
To book tickets and find details:

“This event will be held online using video-conferencing software - Zoom. Access will be available via your PC or Apple computer, or any tablet or smartphone. If these aren’t available, you will be able to join in via a UK phone number. Details will be sent out via Eventbrite, our ticketing software, in the days before the event.”


South-East District Safeguarding 

Advanced Module Safeguarding Training Dates

Advanced (Online Version)

The Safeguarding Committee have approved the development of a ‘blended’ learning approach to the Advanced Module, which will be hosted on the Theology X website. This will combine online learning modules and short films and conclude with a facilitated Zoom session. The facilitated Zoom session will be led by the district safeguarding trainers. This course will be an optional additional resource for districts who want to offer online training to circuits.

Delivery Plan:


Christ Church, Prince Edward's Road, Lewes BN7 1BL  
Saturday, 23 January 2021 - ***DATE CORRECTION *** 
10:30 – 15:30
Booking via Eventbrite: Click here to book a place 


North Kent Circuit - Venue to be confirmed  
Saturday, 23 January 2021 
10:30 – 15:30
Booking: To be confirmed  


South Kent Circuit - United Church Cade Road, Cade Road, Ashford, TN23 6JE 
Saturday, 27 March 2021 
10:30 – 15:30
Booking via Eventbrite: Click here to book a place 


St. Peter's Methodist Church, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, CT1 2BE  
Saturday, 3 April 2021  
10:00 – 15:30
Booking via Eventbrite: Click here to book a place 


Wey Valley Circuit - Trinity Methodist Church, Brewery Road, Woking, GU21 4LH
Saturday, 5 June 2021 
10:30 – 15:30
Booking via Eventbrite: CLick here to book a place