Methodist Church South East District
This Constitution should be read in conjunction with Standing Order 410 of the Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church 

The Representative Session of the District Synod shall consist of the following persons:
a) The Vice-President, if relevant, and all ex-Vice-Presidents of the Methodist Conference in membership in the District

b) All presbyters, deacons and probationers stationed in the District, all presbyters and deacons residing for the purposes of the stations in the District, and any other presbyter, deacon or probationer entered in the stations as a member of Synod.

c) One circuit steward of each Circuit in the District or a substitute elected by the Circuit Meeting

d) Lay representatives or their substitutes, elected by the Circuit Meeting of each Circuit in the District, the total number for each Circuit being determined by the Synod. At present the total number of lay representatives elected under this clause is equal to the district ministry deployment figure. 

e) All members of the District Council 

f) The Secretary of the Synod

g) The District Treasurer

h) The District Property Secretary

i) The Training Officer

j) The District Development Enabler 

k) The Lay Representative, if appointed, to the Methodist Council

l) The District Lay Stationing Representative 

m) Representatives to Connexional Committees, as relevant

n) Representatives to Regional Committees, as relevant

o) All persons elected by the Synod to attend the last preceding meeting of the Methodist Youth Assembly

p) Conference-elected lay representatives to the Methodist Conference

q) All lay representatives elected by the Synod to both the last preceding and the next following Methodist Conference 

r) Such lay District Officers as the Synod may determine

s) Synod-elected lay members in numbers determined by the Synod

t) Lay employees within the District as determined by the Synod; the Synod of September 2011 agreed that lay employees will no longer be members of Synod by virtue of their appointments.

Membership of the Synod

Representative Synod