Prayer of the Day
Monday, 17 Jan 2022

Loving your light, O Lord, may our hearts rejoice in your goodness. Living in your light may our lives reveal your grace. Walking in your light may our works reflect your glory. Amen.

Margaret Fell (1614-1702)

All-embracing God of love, timeless and limitless,
forgive the Church of the ages.
Forgive its misuse and neglect of its Scripture,
its teaching that divided and conquered.
Forgive the wilfulness that sought power and not humility,
carrying a sword of conflict and not the gospel of grace.
Forgive its complicity in peddling the prejudice of its time,
its complacency in the face of persecution and pogrom.
Forgive its deafness to the cries for help,
its silence at the sight of injustice.
Through openness and honesty,
with frankness and modesty,
may we be brave and willing partners with those who seek to right the wrongs, correct the lies, and live in the truth. Amen.

Bruce Thompson, Lincolnshire District Chair