Prayer of the Day
Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

To you, O God most high, we lift our hearts and to you we give our praise. To you we confess our sins and to you we come for pardon. To you we pray for others and to you we come for grace. To you we render our thanks and to you we ascribe all honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Lord, be our focus.
When transformation of this world is far from linear, let us be patient.
Where the troubles of today appear to be greater than those of yesterday, help us to pray.
When the voice of your love is muffled by our selfish ways, may we repent.

Lord, lead us.
When the chance to do what is best for your kingdom is before us, come Holy Spirit.
When making tough decisions is even harder than we imagined, give us courage.
When the future looks so different from the present, increase our faith.

Lord, bless us.
When we worship you, may we be your blessing to others.
Where we live and dwell, may we act kindly to all.
When our race is run, may others give you thanks. Amen.

Stephen Lindridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne District Chair