District Property Consents Group

The District Consents Group has been working for just over 12 months. The following notes are intended as guidance for those in the South East District who enter schemes and projects onto the online process. 

The system of sending schedules to the Resourcing Mission Office in Manchester for approval of property schemes has now been replaced by an online Property Consents process. Schemes entered online only require consent from the District Property Consents Group. 

To help the group to support your scheme and give consent as quickly as possible all of the questions in the online process need to be answered as fully as possible. 

The Consents process puts greater emphasis on the legal responsibility of Church Councils and Circuit Meetings to obtain professional advice and to act on it. 

The District Resourcing Mission Officers are Rev Adrian Roux and Mrs Stephanie Roux and can be contacted for advice and guidance on using this system. 

More information about the Consents process can be found in "Getting Started" leaflet which can be downloaded below.

Your Superintendent has the necessary passwords to authorise people with responsibility for property in local churches and Circuits to access the Consents Website.

Property Management Consents - Getting Started Leaflet

District Property Policy

The April 2009 Synod approved a District Property Policy that is based on Our Calling and The Priorities for the Methodist Church. The District Property Consents Group will assess all property schemes in the light of this policy.