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Methodist Church of Great Britain
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Taketime Meditations
Pioneered by Reigate Methodist Church.
Use your imagination to provide a calm, comfortable space in which to meet God. Anyone can use these meditations, regardless of background or religion, and you can meditate anywhere you like. The introductory meditation takes 5 minutes to experience, why not give it a try?


Supporting Creative Arts in Worship

Bible Society
This free weekly email will keep you in touch with the weekly news of the Christian and world media. 

Action for Children

The Arthur Rank Centre

The CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology

Magnet Magazine

College of Preachers
A useful website offering resources to develop your preaching.

Kent Workplace Mission

Community Theology

Find out about a network of people who are committed to the growth of mission spirituality in the leadership and life of the church.

Joint Public Issues Team

Churches Together in Britain

Churches Together in England

Churches Together in Surrey

Churches Together in Sussex

Churches Together in Berkshire

Formerly The Methodist Retreat and Spirituality Network

The Family Friendly Churches Trust

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