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Devastating fire in Rohingya Refugee Camp


All We Can's partner in the Rohingya refugee camps has confirmed that the fire which engulfed part of the Kutupalong mega-camp is estimated to have displaced more than 45,000 people and left 429 people unaccounted for.

The fire, which started in camp 8W on Monday 22 March, spread through three further camps: 8E, 9 and 10.

Graeme Hodge, All We Can Chief Executive, said, 'All We Can has responded immediately to this awful situation. The Rohingya crisis could be described as a forgotten disaster, and our history is rooted in standing with displaced and forgotten people. We've worked with the Rohingya people for many years and will continue to, through this crisis with prayers and support.'

All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain launched a Joint Rohingya Crisis Appeal in 2017, and All We Can has continued to have an active partner presence in the camps.

A rapid assessment by our partner in camps 8E and 9 has revealed that 9,347 shelters are damaged beyond repair, and 45,000 people have been displaced.

All We Can's partner project in Rohingya Camp 9 providing Women and Girls Safe Spaces was undamaged by the fire, with all volunteers reported safe – though project participant's shelters were damaged in the fire. All We Can partners have identified a total of 6,127 replacement shelters needed in camp 9 alone.

It's as yet unclear how many lives the fire claimed and the cause of the fire remains unknown.

'Some of our worst fears have been realised with this horrific and devastating fire. The Rohingya Camps are some of the most densely populated refugee camps in the world today, with many still living in temporary and semi-permanent shelters.' - Angela Zamaere Smith, Programmes Director.


All We Can's partner has met with camp officials and are assessing shelter needs, with emergency shelter response and shelter kit distributions planned for camp 9, and further camps if required.

Those wishing to support the work of All We Can's partner in addressing the aftermath of this devastating fire are invited to donate to All We Can's Emergency Relief Fund.

A precious facemask

Posted bysemethodistrefugeework January 28, 2021 on A precious facemask 

The war in Syria has dropped out of the headlines in the media. But there is still an ongoing and disastrous humanitarian crisis, with millions of Syrians displaced and struggling to make a good life for themselves and their families. The global pandemic has made their situations worse. Many who have found a little work are day labourers whose source of employment has been cut off because of the Coronavirus restrictions. Camps are crowded and often lacking in facilities making it more difficult for refugees to safely distance or wash hands frequently.

But in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan the resourceful Syrian refugee women in the sewing class have turned their hands to making face masks. As well as earning a little income to support themselves and their families, the facemasks help the crowded community to stay safe.

The facemask is imprinted with the words “made with love by the LWF women in Za’atari Camp”. LWF is All We Can’s local partner in Za’atari Camp.

It was wonderful to receive this facemask from Za’atari, and most of all to know that it was “made with love”.




Interfaith Week 2020 - Sunday, 8 November 2020 - Sunday, 15 November 2020 - Please click here to be taken to further information about Interfaith Week.

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We strongly condemn the brutal and cowardly terror attacks which have taken place at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on the holiest day of the year for Christians, where 310 innocent lives have been taken and approximately 500 people wounded. Our prayers and thoughts are with our Christian brothers and sisters and all those affected by this horrific attack.

The rise in such attacks, especially at places of worship throughout the world, is deeply concerning. People of all faiths and none must continue to stand united and not let people with extremist ideologies divide us.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer).

We must continue to work harder than ever before to develop friendship in humanity through interfaith dialogue.

On behalf of the South East England Faiths Forum


Syrian refugees in Idlib

On March 15th it will be 9 years since the start of the war in Syria. Around half the population of Syria has either been internally displaced (6 million) or fled the country (5million) (UN figures).

Around 900,000 people have taken refuge in Idlib in the north west of Syria. They have been pounded by bombing and airstrikes, resulting in untold injuries, deaths and devastation. Today (March 4th 2020) a ceasefire between Turkey and Russia has been agreed offering some respite to the thousands of refugees living in the open, or in makeshift camps. But without adequate shelter, little food and no fuel for fires, they are in desperate straits. Already children have died because of the freezing winter cold.(Sunday Times Feb 16th). No one knows how long the ceasefire will hold.

Turkey has encouraged some of its 3.6million Syrian refugees to try to cross the border into Greece but Greek authorities have denied entry, causing many refugees to be stranded without food or shelter.

Please pray for safety and shelter for refugees in these desperate situations.


Lord of all

We lift to you refugees and migrants around the world,

asking that by the power of your Holy Spirit, you inspire leaders of nations

to act compassionately to end the suffering of those in desperate need.

We pray for a lasting peace in Syria, for political gains to be set aside and humanitarian

considerations to be given priority.

We pray for hope and strength for fathers who are struggling to provide for the most basic needs of their families, for courage for mothers who have to watch their children go hungry and for comfort for small children and babies who are feeling the cold.

Loving God, you care for us and for all, especially those in need. Inspire us to reflect your abundant love back to those in need, guiding us in prayer, action and generous giving, in Jesus’ name.