Grants for Ministry and Mission

District Grants

Churches and Circuits that are looking to engage in new projects to further mission and ministry in line with the principles of ‘Our Calling’ are encouraged to consider applying for the award of a grant.  Such projects may be building schemes and / or involve the employment of personnel.  Grants are also made from the DAF to individuals to help them to pursue training opportunities for personal development.

The criteria for applying for a grant and the basis on which grants are awarded are set out in the relevant District Policy.  These policies may be accessed here

Application forms which may be downloaded here should be completed with reference to the relevant District Policy. 

Applications for Training Grants may be submitted to the District Grants Secretary (initially by email with a hard copy sent by post) at any time.

Applications for any other Grant from the DAF must be submitted to the District Grants Secretary (initially by email with a hard copy sent by post) at least two weeks before the meeting at which the application is to be considered.  The District Grants Group meets three times a year (in September, February and June) to consider applications for grants to be awarded from the District Advance Fund (DAF). The dates on which the District Grants Group meets are set out in the District Calendar.  Applications received late will usually be deferred to the next meeting.

Winter Warm Spaces Grants 

The District has set aside funds to award grants to churches wanting to take part in the Winter Warm Spaces initiative.  An application form can be downloaded here

Connexional Grants

The  District Grants Secretary, Roger Byard is always happy to assist churches, Circuits and individuals with questions they may have about eligibility for the award of a grant, including criteria to be met, and the process to be followed.

Joseph Rank Trust

For information about applying to the Joseph Rank Trust please click the link below to be taken to the website. 

Cost of Living Crisis - help and support 

The below webpage has been updated to include some links for available local authority grants.