District Synod

[Synod is] the policy-making court of the District, serving as a link between the Conference and the Connexional Team on the one hand and the Circuits and Local Churches on the other. It shall have oversight of all district affairs. It shall formulate and promote policies, through its various officers and committees, to assist the mission of the Church, to give inspiration to the leaders in the Circuits and to ensure the interrelation of all aspects of the Church's life throughout the District. It is a forum in which issues of public concern relevant to the witness of the Church may be addressed.
Standing Order 412

Governance: The Synod is charged with overseeing the life of the District. It is responsible for the formulation and promotion of policy through the work of the committees, and it is to assist the mission of the Church. It is to ensure that there is wholeness in the life of the District - that important matters are not left out or neglected. 

Leadership: The Synod is called to exercise leadership through inspiring the leaders from our circuits so that our circuits and local churches can be inspired for mission. And it is a place where the Church can give thought to important public issues. 

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How can I send a message to Conference? 

You can send a message to Conference by getting your circuit or district to send a memorial. It might seem an odd word to use, but it is a simple and effective way to ask the Conference to do something. 

What is a memorial? 

A memorial is simply a message from a circuit or district to the Methodist Conference. It suggests that the Conference does something, or makes a statement on an issue. Details of Memorials that will be sent from circuits in the South East District to the next Conference will be placed in the downloads page when they become available.