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Like most organisations from 25 May 2018, The General Data Protection Regulations will mean that we are making some changes to our data and privacy policy.  GDPR is designed to give you more choice in how you are contacted and you’re your data (for example you name and address) is used.  The new law also makes it easier to find out how your information is processed and protected. 

Download our Data Collection Consent Form  word / pdf 

Download our Privacy Policy here (updated 20 April 2023)


Annual Checklists

Please review the detailed Checklist (Data Protection Annual Checklist and Guidance - Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (tmcp.org.uk)) which you need to undertake under each step on the Annual Checklist.  Please return all completed Annual Data Protection Checklists to the District Data Champion on gdpr@methodistsoutheast.org.uk or to the Wendy Cory (wendy.cory@methodistsoutheast.org) at the District Office by the 15th May 2023 so that we can compile the responses and respond by the 31st May 2023. 


TMCP have released the following short videos:

Please bear in mind that from 2022 onwards, Managing Trustees need to complete the checklist by 31st May each year.  This date conincides with the anniversary of the implementation of GDPR. 

The Managing Trustees have advised that there are now three new resources available (June 2021)


All Data Breaches should be reported to the District Data Champion for advice.