The role of the District Council

The District Council meets at least three times each year and has a number of responsibilities:

to formulate and promote policies which will advance the mission of the Church in the Circuits and Local Churches, and in particular to supervise the use of resources of personnel, property and finance and to assist Local Churches and Circuits having exceptional problems;

to encourage inter-circuit and ecumenical co-operation;

to act in an executive capacity in matters remitted to the committee by the Synod;

to keep within its purview all district concerns not dealt with elsewhere;

to contribute and respond, as the case may be, to the development of Connexional policies as reflected in the work of the Conference and the Methodist Council, and to carry out its other responsibilities with any such development in mind.

District Council members also have the legal function of being the District Trustees. 

LEADERSHIP: In partnership with the District Synod, the District Council is charged with exercising leadership of the District by seeking to discern new vision and initiate action. 

GOVERNANCE: The District Council exercises governance responsibilities in the District by overseeing the development of policy and its implementation and evaluation. It seeks to ensure that the District's policies and practices are in accordance with Church and State regulations.