Methodist Church South East District

District Reconciliation Group

The District Reconciliation Group (DRG) is an initiative of the District Council to provide assistance where a complaint has been unable to reach a successful, informal conclusion at circuit level.

The remit of the group is to respond to complaints which have been escalated to District and attempt facilitation with the aim of reconciliation between the parties to negate the necessity of further escalation to Connexion. The group will also fulfil the formal requirements in relation to reconciliation that are part of the Methodist complaints process.

The group is formed of five members from across the District, three of whom will be involved in any active case at any time.

Rev Norma Browning       01732 667817

Daniel Dei                     

Rev Allan Taylor                 01483 200464

Colin Waldock                 

Linda Weedon                 01932 846597


The process will commence when you email or call any of the five group members. The receiving member will ask a series of question to enable them to complete a case form (or you may complete the template and email in to one or all of the group.)  This form can be downloaded from the District website

The receiving DRG group member will contact other members and establish who is able to dedicate time immediately to progressing the complaint.

The District Chair and the relevant Circuit Complaints officer will be kept informed of progress as appropriate.

Whilst we pray that this process will not be required, Please, do not hesitate to initiate a case with the DRG as soon as it becomes obvious that further work on a case is necessary.

With best wishes,

Norma Browning, Daniel Dei, David Hinchliffe, Allan Taylor, Colin Waldock Linda Weedon.


DRG - Complaint Form - word

DRG - Complaint Form - pdf