An Unfinished Journey

This is a series of studies for group discussion. The three ministers involved in its production had discovered how the latest New Testament studies and post-liberal theology, coming mostly from the USA, although controversial, were enlightening their understanding of the Gospel stories and had at the same time become aware of how little of this understanding was being passed on to congregations in the UK or offered to them for discussion. 

Revd Ted Bishop is a retired Methodist minister with more than 50 years in the ministry, beginning with eight years in Burma and including nine years as Methodist minister in Rome as well as in two circuits in the UK: twelve years in Stevenage and nine years in Ashford, Kent. He is now retired and lives in Canterbury. 

Revd John Churcher is a Methodist minister who came into the ministry after a varied career in education. He is now a minister without pastoral charge, available to preach and to conduct conferences and seminars. In 2009 he published his first theological book, Settings Jesus Free. 

The Significance of Food

The issue of food has appeared in the headlines recently in a way not seen for some time. Undoubtedly prices have risen, in some cases very fast, especially in other parts of the world. So what is going on, and what might a Christian response be?

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