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General Information about Safeguarding 

Safeguarding is about preventing the abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

As Christians we are charged to love and care for each other. This is particularly true where the most vulnerable members of our community are involved.

The Methodist Church takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously. The Church has significant contact with children, young people and their families through its Sunday and weekday activities. All Churches within the Methodist Connexion are aware and informed about the issues related to Child Protection and are able to respond to situations that arise with appropriate action and/or advice.

These responsibilities extend also to organisations which may hire Methodist Church premises. 

District Safeguarding Officer:  Mrs Philippa Read

District Chair: Rev John Hellyer 
District Safeguarding Co-Ordinator: Mrs Philippa Read  
Independent Chair: Mrs Ann Horsley
Lay/Ordained Members: 
Rev Paul Tabraham
Rev Kevin Taylor (retired police officer)
Rev Colin Telfer


District Safeguarding Group 

District Safeguarding Policy 

Download our Safeguarding Policy here.


Creating Safer Space Training 

If you require the training offered on any of these training courses please contact your Circuit Safeguarding Officer for dates and venues.

Where possible staff should not use their personal email address, home address or telephone line (fixed or mobile) to communicate with children, young people or clients. 

In all situations a sudden or urgent communication must still be approved by the appropriate senior manager. 

In all cases ensure that your relationships with young people are known, approved and recorded by your line manager or the senior leadership team. In the case of young children, parents should be informed that you are communicating with them. 

Taken from 'Safer Practice with Technology' KSCB 2010


Using ICT appropriately to communicate 
 with young people 

Using ICT to communicate with young people


Methodist Church Website – Safeguarding 

Safeguarding Documents
Safeguarding Form D Keyholder Declaration

Form E - The safeguarding clause in the standard licence and template booking form replaces the need to complete Form E
Practice Guidance on Carrying out Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Checks as part of Safer Recruitment
Recruitment: DBS/PVG, Forms etc
Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance for the Methodist Church in Britain


South-East District Safeguarding 

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Issue No. 2 - March 2018

Issue No. 1 - October 2017


South-East District Safeguarding 

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Advanced Module Safeguarding Training Dates